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At Safestyle we're probably fitting a lot more homes in your area than you may have thought but it's hardly surprising if you think we fit more than 1200 homes every week. Enter your postcode below and see how many homes in your area or even your street we have installed windows and doors in!

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Undecided on whether to go with Safestyle or a local builder? Here are some things to consider

Make sure you know where your product is manufactured and that it has passed government testing standards.


Whether its doors or windows you want to be sure that what is installed in your home is manufactured to the highest standards. At Safestyle we manufacture all our own windows and doors so we can be sure of their quality. Our windows are True A-Rated having undergone all the tests and passed all the government regulation that covers this area.

At our Yorkshire based manufacturing facility we have over £15million worth of equipment and a work force over 200 people working everyday to ensure quality and performance in everything we do. We won’t sell our product to anyone else for them to fit and we won’t fit anyone else’s, it’s the combination of product and fitting that leaves our customers happy.

Local providers

It goes without saying that local fitters simply couldn't afford to follow these same procedures which is why they buy in windows to fit. Where these windows and doors are made will vary and so will there quality,

Be sure you're getting the very best deal


At Safestyle we’re well known for our great deals and if that’s not enough we also offer a price promise to match any like for like quote.

The reason we can offer such great prices is down to our size and the fact we manufacture our own products. The cost of making our windows is actually the cost of making our windows, we don’t have anyone trying to make a profit selling them on to us before we even fit them in your home.

Add this to the fact we make more than 300,000 frames a year and you can imagine the amount of glass, UPVC and other products we need to buy in are bought in large numbers making them even cheaper.

Local providers

Without the benefit of making their own windows, local builders have to pay for windows on a piece by piece basis. Whoever is making the windows to sell to them has to make their money which drives up the cost for the builder and then for the customer.

Will you be covered if something goes wrong and how long will it take to fix any issues?


At Safestyle we separate our fitting teams from our Service Engineers, the only work our team of Service Engineers do is to repair any problems with your windows and door doing the 10 years your guarantee covers.

Our guarantees are insurance backed, which means that if for any reason we ceased trading, repairs would still be covered. Even though this is highly unlikely to happen as being the UKs no1 installer of UPVC windows we are only continuing to grow, it still provides peace of mind to our customers.

Local providers

We all know someone that’s had a problem with some work they’ve had done and can’t get hold of the builder to sort it. On some occasions this is probably just an issue with capacity after all what’s going to take priority for a small work force completing jobs they haven’t been paid for yet or fixing those they have.

Try and find as many reviews as possible so you know what you're getting.


Recommendations from friends and family are always an important source of information when deciding whose doing the work on your home. Lots of our work comes from these recommendations and we also ask for reviews from all our customers which you can find on independent website Review Centre there are currently over 2000.

Local providers

If you search online you may be able to find information about any company you are considering using. What’s worth remembering about recommendations from friends is that they will probably have only had one experience with said builder, every job is a different one which comes with its own set of difficulties and problems.

Whose fitting your windows?


Safestyle fitters are some of the best in the business; all are highly trained and have completed government required training.

FENSA is our industry body and runs the government authorised Competent Persons Scheme for the replacement of windows, doors and roof lights in England and Wales. FENSA regularly makes surprise inspections of work done in our industry and as the UK’s no1 installer we have undergone many of these and we are proud to say we have received a 100% pass rate.

We also continue to develop the next generation with a fresh intake of fitters completing there NVQ’s every year so we can continue to offer the best for years to come.

Local providers

Some local builder may not specialise in the fitting of windows or doors, this may just be one of the services they offer, and our fitters spend every day fitting doors and windows making for a fast seamless installation. Make sure anyone who fits new windows and doors is FENSA registered any work don’t by those who aren’t may cause problems when you come to sell your home

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