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Safestyle UK blaze the trail in fire safety at home

Fire1Safestyle UK, which has offices across England and Wales, worked with the fire service to help ensure that householders devised a fire safety plan and had fire safety features fitted on their double glazed windows and doors so that safety as well as security became an issue in the home.As part of a continuing drive to improve the security and safety aspects of our products, Safestyle in partnership with West Yorkshire Fire Service, previously involved in a 2 year long unique nationwide initiative aimed at increasing public awareness of fire safety in the UK.

It is widely acknowledged that whilst double glazed windows and doors have dramatically improved home security, the strength and security of the glass and window fittings means that everyone with double glazing needs to think carefully about their means of escape in an event of a fire. "Everyone takes steps to improve home security" says Safestyle UK's former Managing Director, John Ross: "but not many people consider fire safety. We want to remind homeowners to think NOW about what action they would take in an event of a fire. It could make the difference between life and death".

Safestyle UK fit special fire escape hinges as standard on all new windows where required, and they are also available as an optional extra.

"Safestyle UK is 100% committed to fire safety and to our customers and as such we are delighted to be the first window company in the country to take the fire safety message to all of our customers", John Ross continues. "We hope to ensure that our customers have both the early warning and the means of escape, as well as a plan to follow in case of an emergency."

Home Office Fire Safety Campaign

Fire2The campaign which included television, radio and vast leaflet distribution did much to convey the necessity of considering fire safety in the home and primarily devising action plans.Safestyle UK’s commitment to raising awareness of fire safety issues was further illustrated in March / April 2000 as they supported the Home Office in a Pilot Media Campaign launched in the Yorkshire television region.

The partnership proved a natural progression to the extensive work Safestyle UK had already done in this area in conjunction with West Yorkshire Fire Service.

Leeds United

LeedsunitedSafestyle were delighted to team up with a nationally recognised brand, and worked with Leeds United on a number of exciting projects.A significant platinum sponsorship deal saw Leeds United football club team up with the nation’s leading double-glazing company Safestyle UK as the club’s 'Official Home Improvement Partner' for the 2006-07 season.

Castleford Tigers

Castleford Tigers"Work hard, get your head down and the rewards will follow." This is the ethos shared by Castleford Tigers and Safestyle UK, and we similarly pride ourselves on the durable qualities of our own products.

Following the success of Safestyle's first season of sponsorship of the Castleford Tigers in Super League IV, we continue to support top flight Rugby League.

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