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Opportunities in Surveys

Status: Self-employed.

Safestyle UK are proud of our existing survey force and are constantly looking to expand. To this end, we are looking for individuals who have a suitable background and skills acquired in the building or window industries. We work with our Surveyors on an ongoing basis to ensure they are up to date with all aspects of the regulatory bodies such as FENSA, and the technological advances related to our ever-changing industry.

In addition, Surveyors providing their self-employed services to Safestyle have the added benefit of a dedicated Surveyor's Support Unit that can be contacted with confidence through the unit's free-phone number. Safestyle UK are the only company to have such a unit, providing Surveyors with ongoing support, assistance and updated documentation as well as helping with non-technical or fee queries.

Safestyle UK's aim is to constantly improve and stay ahead of the competition, and the Survey Department is no exception. We are able to reward suitable applicants with the best all-round earnings package in the industry, and we also have the flexibility to offer two different opportunities. There are two main surveying opportunities available, as listed below.

  • Surveyor - this Surveyor tends to remain within specific areas or regions
  • Floating Surveyor - this role has no fixed area or region and will involve working away from home

Survey Opportunities

First Name
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Fax Machine
Digital Camera/Printer
Additional Information
Education, dates and types of qualification, and any training
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