Can I Incorporate Period Stained Glass Into Replacement Windows?

Yes, here at Safestyle we have a very exciting range of coloured (the modern name for stained glass) glass options.

It is important when choosing a window company that your new double glazing enhances and respects the period and style of the property.

For example:

A semi detached property from the early twentieth century will often have stained glass in the small sash windows above the main picture windows which are found in the house’s bay windows.

Many Victorian terrace-style town houses were very big on stained glass, especially set within the front and porch doors. The Victorian style was typically an art noveau rose and later house (into the Twentieth century) had an art deco rose.

New build houses. People are really getting in to expressing themselves these days and we are seeing more and more brand new(ish) homes opting for stained glass with their replacement windows.

You can also create that “leaded” diamond window look using a modern, cosmetic strut which we call Astragal – this is very popular indeed.

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