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Our accreditations

We haven't become the UK's number one installer of UPVC windows and doors for nothing; we have a continued commitment to excellence. At Safestyle we take pride in our work and always aim to deliver an outstanding product, that's expertly installed. Our services and products are rigorously tested by a range of regulatory bodies to ensure that we give you the best possible experience that leaves you happy for many years to come. Take a look at some of our accreditations below.

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FENSA is a government authorised Competent Persons Scheme for the replacement of windows and doors in England and Wales. You should always use a FENSA registered double glazing company. We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that your new windows and doors are fitted by an ethical company who take a pride and responsibility in their work. By choosing a FENSA registered installer you are ensuring that the work is completed to a high standard and meets all the relevant building regulations.

Why choose a FENSA member?

FENSA stands for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme; the scheme was set up on request of the Government so that companies are able to certify an installation while following the correct building regulations. This means that the project can still be completed to the highest standard but it will be much quicker because you don't have to go through the long procedures of your towns planning department.

FENSA members are vetted thoroughly before they are able to join and members are continually inspected to make sure they are following the correct procedures. Using a FENSA member for your window and door installation is much easier and faster and it's likely to save you quite a bit of money as you won't have to register the work with your local authority.

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When will I receive my FENSA certificate?

We issue a FENSA certificate for every installation, it's important to keep your certificate safe as it shows that the correct building regulations have been followed. You will often need proof of a FENSA certificate before selling your home if the windows were installed after 2002.

We're committed to delivering the highest quality products to our customers which is why we have our own team of quality controllers to make sure you're completely satisfied, because of this it can take around 6-8 weeks for you to receive the FENSA certificate . We would advise to wait until 10 weeks after signing your satisfaction to the work completed before contacting us or FENSA. If you have not received the certificate in this time or you need it desperately then you can contact FENSA on 0207 6453 700 to look into it for you.


We are a full member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and share its high standards in all of our windows and glazing. The GGF makes sure that companies install glass in a safe way that follows the appropriate building regulations and comply with planning rules. As a member of the GGF it means that:

  • We have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that we have the right premises, products and employees to do the job to the highest standard.
  • We are a financially stable company and have been trading for over 20 years.
  • We employ trained professionals so that your installation is fitted to the highest technical standards as outlined by the GGF Glazing Manual written by the industry’s leading experts.
  • We comply with the GGF's consumer code of good practice which is a strict set of requirements regarding our company conduct, to ensure that we follow all relevant consumer legislation.
  • We are audited regularly to make sure that we are following the GGF's high standards.
  • You get free automatic deposit protection that safeguards your deposit and instalments of up to 50% of the contract value or £12,500 (whichever is lesser).
  • You get a transferable warranty so should you decide to sell your home the guarantee can be transferred over to the new homeowner.
  • In the unlikely event that you have a dispute with us, the GGF will investigate the issues and help to reach a resolution.
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TrustMark is endorsed by the Government and monitors a company's workmanship and customer care. As we are awarded with the TrustMark accreditation it guarantees that we have the highest standards when producing our windows and doors and when installing them in your home. We are vetted extensity with onsite inspections to make sure that we give you a first class installation and excellent customer service. TrustMark ensures that we have good trading practices, good customer service and technical competence so that you can be confident you're windows and doors are installed to the highest standard.

APS Ethical Sales Business Accreditation

We are proud to be a member of the Association of Professional Sales (APS), giving existing and potential customers a renewed assurance that they're in safe hands. The APS is the leading international professional body for sales and was built out of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), with a vision of bringing sales into parity with other professions. Through this we can offer recognised qualifications and a continuous professional development platform, allowing salespeople to progress along a structured career path, with the same level of skill, trust and career prospects as other established professions.

Energy Savings Trust

Both our Eco Diamond™ Windows and A rated Legacy™ Sliding Sash Windows are recommended by the energy saving trust for how efficient they are. We use clever glass technology that is specially designed to allow more heat into your home when the sun is out so that your property can stay warm without costing you a penny. The second pane of glass is designed to reflect heat from your heating system straight back into your home, meaning on those colder days you won't lose as much heat from your windows.

Products endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust have to meet an industry standard of recommended product and energy performance criteria. Our windows are A rated for how much energy they retain What's more saving energy means saving money; according to the GGF you could save around £223 to £477* per year by installing our A rated Eco Diamond windows when upgrading from single glazing.

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APS Ethical Sales Business Accreditation 2021-23