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For nearly 3 decades and counting, Safestyle has been loyally serving customers all over the country to attain the title of the UK’s number one provider for windows and doors. There is a reason for this acclaimed position: every client is important, every order is bespoke, and every experience is different. Let us tell you all about the process.

Our Website

Every customer’s first port of call will typically be our website. With countless made-to-order designs and combinations to browse, we understand it’s difficult what to pick first. This is where our free quote comes in handy: at just the click of a button, you’ll be put in touch with our team who will arrange for a salesman to come to your home and help you out.

Home Visit

Our Safestyle representatives have been frequently complimented on their friendly and helpful approach, renowned for supporting you to their best ability to pick what’s right for your home. Once you’ve settled on your perfect fit, a surveyor will visit your property to measure for your bespoke windows to be built at our Barnsley factory.

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Factory Process

Once the factory has received the measurements and relevant instructions for your windows, the process can finally begin. This information is inputted into high-tech laser cutters where the windows will be cut and made with 1mm tolerances- it’s that precise! At the same time, the frames are cut to size in readiness for hardware to be attached further down the line. This intricate process may seem complicated already, but don’t worry: custom made labels are attached to each part so the progress of your product can be tracked at any time.

Once the glass has been cut, it’s fed into our cool temper furnace, where temperatures reach an amazing 700 degrees. When it’s reached its optimum heat level, it’s then rapidly cooled in order to make the glass the toughest it can be. All for your safety and security.

Two panes of glass are then placed into the argon chamber where they are then pressed together, trapping the argon gas in the sealed unit. The thermal efficiency of Safestyle products is dramatically increased with argon being much denser than air, meaning our windows are guaranteed to keep you warm whilst keeping the energy bills steady. This is also a perfect opportunity to spruce up your windows with any decorative glass artwork!

When the profiles have been welded together to form the frames, a system generates any necessary hardware which should be added such as locks, hinges and keeps. Then its assembly time, where the profile and glass comes together to form the windows that Safestyle are known best for.

...And that’s that! A look into the complex procedure implemented to make every window individual.

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