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Are double glazed windows worth it?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a very sensible question to ask yourself, “are double glazed windows any good?”, especially if you haven’t had them before. Financially speaking, they will lower your energy bills; which makes so much sense these days when you consider how much money you are shelling out every month just to stay warm. That’s because they help prevent that expensive heat from flying out your windows – after all, why should you be paying to heat the street outside your house?!

Think about it this way. If you’re upgrading your windows you could be saving money every month on your energy bills as you should require less energy to heat your home. In real terms an average household would save around £165 a year for B-Rated windows. Ours, however, are A-Rated and recommended by the Energy Saving Trust for fantastic energy savings they can make. Double glazing should last you nearly twenty years. Do the maths and you’ll see that investing in a new set of energy efficient double glazing makes complete financial sense especially when you consider how much fuel bills have gone up over the last five years and how much more they could go up over the next twenty.

If it’s the upfront costs that are worrying you then you need to ask about our flexible payment plans that will help you spread the cost.