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Condensation In My Double Glazing? Do I Need New Windows?

Yes you do! Although, let’s just take you through a couple of double checks first.

  1. Run your finger down the inside pane of glass. Is it wet? If it is then dry the pane with a towel.
  2. Now that the inside pane of glass is dry can you see any more condensation? If the answer is no then things appear to be fine but you should keep an eye on the window over the coming months (especially when it turns coldest). If you can see condensation, then check if it is on the inside of the glass (between the two panes). If it is then here is why and also here is what to do....

Condensation will appear in between the two panes of glass when a double glazing unit has failed. This means that the pocket of gas has escaped out of the factory sealed glazing unit and the double glazing is no longer working. You will probably have noticed that the room is colder than it was.

You need to contact your local Safestyle double glazing advisor who will visit you (at no obligation) to assess the condition of all the windows in your property. They will then give you a price for the windows that need replacing.