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How Do I Measure For A New uPVC Door?

You shouldn’t need to measure for a new uPVC door. It is a complex job and should be performed by an expert. We know how that can sound but rest assured that there are things that need to be taken into account when measuring up so that the correct dimensions can be applied to the millimetre perfect machinery in our state of the art factory.

At Safestyle we passionately believe in a full service throughout every single stage of your fitting experience. And that starts with the free, no obligation advice that you get from one of our many, highly skilled double glazing advisors who will take you through your options.

The styles of windows and doors that you choose could affect the manufacturing process and therefore the measurements taken have to affect the manufacturing and fitting instructions – this is why you needn’t do it yourself, and why should you when we will happily do it all for free.