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I Live In An Ex- Local Authority Flat (Council), Am I Allowed To Put Double Glazing In?

If you have purchased the flat, perhaps in a Right To Buy Scheme, or privately then the property is your responsibility to conduct home improvements without additional permission. As double glazing is classed as a home improvement you can simply contact us at Safestyle to arrange a no obligation meeting with one of our double glazing advisors who will take you through a process which also includes looking at any legalities you may need to take into account. Typically there are no issues with ex council flats.

However, do be aware that if you do not own the flat, it is the landlords responsibility to conduct home improvements. You should discuss the need for double glazing either directly with them or with the letting agent that you signed up with. If you decide to have double glazing put into the flat without permission from that landlord then you could technically be prosecuted for “vandalising” the property... although this is unlikely as most landlords would be delighted that you had paid for brand new double glazing throughout their property!