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Signs that it's time to update your conservatory

Like everything in life, your conservatory won't last forever. Over time the roof and windows can start to show signs of damage and decay. Upgrading your conservatory not only improves the aesthetic and feel of your home but it can also help to keep your home warmer, reduce damp, condensation and even cut down those energy bills. The cost of a conservatory upgrade can often be a concern for people but with Safestyle there is no need to worry as our price match promise means we'll beat anyone's prices, including sale prices, so that you get the lowest price guaranteed. If you think you're conservatory is starting to show it's age then speak to us today for a free, no obligation quote that's valid for 12 months.

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Top signs that it's time to upgrade your conservatory

1. Condensation

If you're noticing that condensation has started to form in between the panes of glass it is a major sign that the double glazing has failed and it will no longer be performing efficiently, potentially meaning a lot of your homes heat is literally going straight out the window. Condensation often ruins the aesthetic of many conservatories and can also lead to more severe issues with mould and damp. You'll also find that a well insulated conservatory will be cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter so you'll be able to enjoy it all year round. Click here to find out more about condensation on your windows.

Conservatory Outside

2. Draughts coming in

An efficiently performing conservatory should work to keep cold air out of your home and trap heat inside during the cold winter months. If your conservatory is quite cold and has draughts it suggests that the windows and roof are not working as well as they should be and they could even be costing you more in energy bills each month. If you find that the windows are exceptionally cold to touch this could also a sign that your double glazing isn't doing its job right. It's best to have your windows and roof examined by a professional surveyor who can advise you on any damages or inefficiencies and the best action to take.

3. Cracks and gaps

Many older conservatories, particularly ones installed before the year 2000, are no longer fit for purpose today. Modern uPVC and advanced glass technology provides superior durability and heat retention which older materials simply can't compete with. As older conservatories will not have been built from as high quality materials cracks and gaps may begin to appear over time. If the seals around your windows are starting to peel off and you're noticing visible damage on your conservatory it's best to upgrade it before the problem worsens.

Modern Conservatory

4. Inferior roof

Your conservatory has to go through a lot with the dramatic weather changes we face in the UK. Heavy rain and extreme wind can have a major impact on the roof and fittings over time. It's best to check your conservatory roof regularly to make sure it is clear of sludge and build up. Over time the polycarbonate sheeting on the roof becomes very brittle and weak which, if left untreated, causes water penetration to build inside the conservatory that can lead to serious damage. If the roof is brittle and frail to touch then it may be time to start thinking about upgrading your conservatory.

Old Conservatory Roof

5. Mould and damp forming

Mould and damp inside a conservatory is often the most obvious signs that it's time to replace for a replacement. The main reason that mould forms is due to poor ventilation within the room and too much moisture in the air. If the windows and roof of your conservatory are not performing efficiently they might be letting in cold air and damp which can turn into mould. Upgrading to a newer, more efficient conservatory can usually eliminate these problems and provide you with a more usable room that’s cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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