Why Is The Inside Pane Of My Double Glazing So Cold?

This is to do with the heat conductivity of different materials and you can see this at work in your own home. If you touch a wooden surface you will note that it feels pretty much at the same temperature as the room you are in. This is because wood is a poor conductor of heat. However, if you touch a glass vase or the top of a glass coffee table (in the same room) you will notice that it feels cool to the touch. This is because glass is a very good conductor of heat. The reason it feels cool is not because it is colder than the ambient temperature in the room, rather it is because it is drawing heat very quickly away from your own hand (because it is conducting the heat).

So, it is to be expected that the glass in your double glazing will feel cool to the touch because this is a perfectly natural phenomena. In the days when we had single glazing, heat would quite literally fly out of the window due to these exceptional heat conductivity properties. However, modern double glazing is far better at reducing this heat loss. And that is why our Eco Diamond range is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

The lesson to learn here is that glass will always feel cool but that does not mean your double glazing is not doing its job. 

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