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Patio doors - everything you need to know

Patio doors are perfect for providing convenient outdoor access while flooding your home with light. Our beautiful range of patio doors are the perfect way to connect inside living with the outside world and create a great view of your garden. Our stunning doors offer high performance multi point locking systems and A-rated EcoDiamond™ glazing, to keep the heat inside your home.

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Are patio doors energy efficient?

The efficiency of your patio doors depends entirely on who manufactures and installs them and the quality of the materials that are used. At Safestyle we make all of our products with the intention of improving the security and energy efficiency of each home they are fitted in. Our windows are A rated as standard to keep your home warm and they can even help to save you money on your energy bills. But don’t just take our word for it, our EcoDiamond™ range is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust for its efficiency. We use an Argon gas filling in all of our glazing to keep more heat inside your home and block out cold outside air. It's not just the glass that is energy efficient, each patio door frame we manufacture has a multi chamber profile that is designed to trap in warm air and stop it escaping straight out of the window. Our patio doors also come with brush pile weather seals and Q-lon gaskets to keep the bad weather firmly outside and your home nice and warm. The dedication to quality control in our factory also ensures that our patio doors are precision made to provide a superior thermal performance.

Large cream patio door

How secure are patio doors?

At Safestyle we pride ourselves on manufacturing all of our products to the highest standard to allow your home to benefit from increased energy efficiency and security. Our patio doors exceed industry security standards and have been specifically designed to make it extremely difficult for an intruder to break into. Some of the security features include a 70mm multi-chamber frame which is steel reinforced where necessary to provide superior strength. We use a robust Mila Pro-Linea Inline handles and Yale lock cylinders, one of the most respected and recognisable manufacturers in the industry. Our patio doors also feature bi-directional anti-lift security hooks so that the door locks from all angles and cannot be removed out of its frame to gain access into the home.

Where can a patio door be installed?

Where a patio door can be installed very much depends on your property type and the building work but generally speaking you can have a patio door in most areas of your home. It's best to install a patio door where there is already a current opening as it will require much less building work. You can usually replace your current windows, doors or even French doors with a patio door if you wish to do so. It's best to speak to one of our advisors who will be able to advise you on your specific property and what would work best.

Brown wooden looking patio door

What glass and colour options are available with Safestyle patio doors?

At Safestyle every single product that we manufacture is bespoke and made to order giving you freedom of choice over your order. We have a range of glass options to choose from, including obscure and frosted designs as well as a range of decorative options. Your sales representative can discuss these with you and even show you some samples and photographs of previous installations. You can also choose from a range of frame colour options so that your new patio door is perfectly suited for your home.

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