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Are your windows wasting energy?

Are your old windows wasting energy and costing you money?

It always helps to save energy wherever you can. In recent years there's been an increased worry about our negative impact on the environment, more and more people are cautious about reducing their carbon footprint and not wasting energy. You may not have given too much thought about how your windows impact your energy usage but they can have a huge impact. It's estimated that a huge 30% of all your heating is lost through your windows and doors . Older windows tend to let a lot of the precious heat from your home escape meaning that you're using more energy than you probably need to when heating each room. Energy efficient windows not only help to reduce your carbon footprint but they can also save you money on your energy bills.

If you're feeling draughts and cold air in your home it might be because your windows are not performing as well as they should be. It's important to keep up the maintenance of your windows as failing to do so could be costing you in heating bills. It's not only old windows that have a negative impact, if your windows are poorly installed and maintained then it's probably time to start thinking about replacing them. To find out more about the most common tell tale signs that it's time to replace your windows click here.

The benefits of installing energy efficient windows

There are many benefits that come from upgrading your windows and installing energy efficient glazing. The type of windows that you have play a huge part in the overall look and style of your home. New windows help to add curb appeal and can increase the market value of a property while also adding a huge aesthetic benefit. Quality windows help to keep the unwanted loud sounds from outside out so that you can relax and enjoy peace and quiet in your home. You will find that replacing old windows should also help to cut those heating bills as energy efficient glazing reduces the amount of heat that is lost through your windows. You could save up to Ā£477 per year* when upgrading from single glazing to Safestyle's A-rated EcoDiamondā„¢ window. A quality installation will also eliminate draughts as the windows work to keep warm air in and cold air out. So you can expect your home to feel nice and toasty and save a quite a few pounds on your heating bills each month.

Our windows are recommended by the Energy Savings Trust and are specifically designed to absorb as much heat into your home as possible. We use clever glass technology to ensure outstanding heat retention and minimum heat loss. The glass is specially manufactured so that when the sun is out the outer pane of glass acts to absorb the heat into your home. On colder days the inside pane of glass is designed to reflect heat back into the property which greatly reduces the amount of wasted heat and means it should cost you less to warm your home. As one of only 14 companies to be recommended you can be sure our windows meet the highest of standards and stand up to the most rigorous of external tests.

We would love for you to experience all of the amazing benefits that come from installing Safestyle's A rated energy efficient windows. Our price promise guarantee means that we'll beat any like for like quote. Click here to request a free quote appointment.