How much energy are you losing through old windows?

Did you know that most of an average homes heat is lost through your windows and doors? Up to a staggering 40% of your homes energy escapes straight out of the window , that is more than the amount lost through the walls and roof. With rising energy prices and expense of heating bills it's more important than ever to be energy efficient and work to cut those costs wherever you can.

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How is heat lost through windows?

Around 18% of the total heat within a house is lost through the windows. This heat loss through windows is caused by radiation through glazing, convection and conducted through the window frame.

How much money do energy efficient windows save?

The total amount of savings vary depending on the type of home, however a typical gas heated, semi-detached house could save approximately £120-155 a year.

What are energy efficient windows?

Energy efficient windows are typically windows that contain more than one pane of glass within a sealed unit. This includes the likes of double and triple glazed windows, the additional glass means it is harder for the warmth to radiate through the window.

Why are double glazed windows energy efficient?

As there is an additional layer of glass, and because of this an newly formed space between the two panes this gap allows a gas (such as argon) to be injected and sealed within. Since argon has a low conductivity this prevents more heat from radiating out during colder months, while also preventing heat from coming in during summer months, keeping the home cooler.

What is a good window energy rating?

Window ratings are provided based on a formula that uses the window's overall thermal efficiency, solar gain (heat coming in from outside) and air leakage. The ratings are from E to A++, with the latter being the best rating a window can receive. Currently building regulations require all new windows to meet a C rating, making anything C or above considered a good rating.

Your windows contribute a large amount to your energy bill costs, it's estimated that you could save from £223 to £477 per year* just by switching from single glazed windows to our EcoDiamond™ windows. Safestyle's A-Rated EcoDiamond™ windows are recommended by the Energy Savings Trust and are different from standard double glazing by working in 2 ways. Using advanced glass technology the inner pane of glass reduces the amount of heat that is lost through the window while the outer pane absorbs the heat and energy from the sun bringing it into your home, this gives you a little bit of extra heating for free.

House After InstallationHouse Before Infared Camera

Using an infrared camera we captured the conservatory pictured above before our A rated EcoDiamond™ windows were installed. The red and white areas show the heat that is escaping from this property; as you can see it is showing maximum heat loss coming from the windows, meaning that the money being spent to heat the home is literally going straight out of the window.

House Before InstallationHouse After Infared Camera

You can clearly see that the after installation pictures show a very different story. Safestyle installed a brand new conservatory upgrade using specially designed energy efficient windows; the green areas indicate minimum heat loss. It's apparent that this home is now losing most of its energy through the walls rather than the windows. Our EcoDiamond™ windows have allowed this home to retain much more of its heat inside, which will help massively in saving energy and reducing heating bills.

If you have old or badly installed windows the likelihood is that your home will be very inefficient and wasting a lot of energy. This means that it could be costing you much more than it should do to heat your home. With Safestyle's EcoDiamond™ windows you can eliminate those nasty leaks and draughts, help to reduce condensation, improve the look of your home and save money all at the same time. What's more with our lowest price match guarantee our windows probably cost much less than you would expect. Click here to request a free quote appointment.

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