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How much mess will be made when getting double glazing?

Here at Safestyle we are really glad you asked this question because one of the most complimentary bits of feedback we get back from our 1,000 customers a week is just how tidy our fitters were.

You see, how messy your new double glazing is depends very much on the window company you choose. An unscrupulous company will trample dirt all over your nice carpets, blow dust up the walls and leave big chunk of plaster missing around the frames. You will also be astonished at how many window companies will leave the old windows sat in your garden.

At Safestyle we believe we have a responsibility to leave your property in a better state than how we found it. Our fitters carefully prep all homes before carrying out work to be sure of this.  All of our fitters take an enormous pride in their work and we also recycle over 16,000 tons of window waste a year... in other words we take all the old windows away and dispose of them ethically.

APS Ethical Sales Business Accreditation 2021-23