Home improvements you should never do yourself

We all love to update and modernise our home from time to time and there are some great home improvements that you can do yourself fairly easy. In the age of online tutorials and home improvement shows it may seem as though you can do anything yourself but there are certain types of work that should only ever be performed by a trained and skilled professional.

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  • 1. Electrical work - You should always handle any electrical appliances with caution as electrical repairs are incredibly dangerous and can cause damaging effects. Installing a basic light fixture is something that most of us can do and comes with rather little complications but if its anything more complex you should probably think about hiring a professional. Electrical work is so dangerous and comes with many hazards and risks so if you're not a trained professional then it is not worth the risk of trying to do it yourself.
  • 2. Roofing work - The main reason that roofing work is so dangerous is that it's extremely easy to fall off. While the actual repairing of roof tiles and shingles may be relatively straight forward it is the complications that come with roof repair work that make it a job for the experts. Having to carry tools up and down a ladder presents a major risk of injury and even death. It's also very easy to slip on loose tiles and quickly lose balance which again can result in life changing injuries.

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  • 3. Asbestos removal - Asbestos tends to be found in older buildings usually built before the year 2000. It used to be extremely popular for its insulating properties so it was used in many homes but it's now known that asbestos is incredibly dangerous. Asbestos is usually only unsafe if it is messed with but the trouble is that many people who have asbestos in their home may not even be aware, which is why you should be cautious when attempting DIY projects. Asbestos was commonly used in many areas of a property such as the walls, floor tiles, ceilings, fireplaces and around window panels among other places. When the material is disturbed or damaged it releases poisonous fibres into the air which when inhaled cause serious diseases that develop over a long period of time. The HSE found that asbestos kills around 5000 workers each year, more than the number of people killed in road accidents, so it's best to leave any asbestos removal to the professionals.
  • 4. Window replacement - Removing and replacing double glazing is skilled work that installers are specifically qualified for. If you try and install your own replacement windows it can be exceptionally dangerous and lead to disappointing and unsightly results. Badly installed windows can also have a huge effect on your bank balance; not only are they expensive to repair but windows that are not installed correctly can also increase your energy bills. Professionally installed and accredited windows keep more heat inside the home, they are engineered with tight seals to prevent any drafts or cold air coming into the property. If your windows are not installed in exactly the right way then they will not be efficient in separating the inside and outside temperatures, which means that it will cost you more to heat your home. For more information about why it is not a good idea to replace your own windows click here.
  • 5. Gas appliances - As with electrical repairs you have to be extremely careful when handling gas appliances as a leak could cause serious damage to your home and health. It is never a good idea to repair or replace any gas appliances such as boilers, ovens or water heaters. Gas is a highly flammable fluid and should be handles with complete care and caution. It is best to leave gas repairs to a experienced and gas safe registered professional because a gas leak can result in carbon monoxide poisoning that can cause serve illness and even death.
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It is never worth risking your health and home just to save a small amount of money by doing a dangerous and complex DIY job. It's best to leave major home improvement work to those who are the professional experts and qualified to handle any complications that may arise.

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