Should you ever replace your own windows?

When the purse strings are tight it's tempting to think about doing some major home improvements yourself, such as installing your own double glazing, to save a few extra pounds. You can see videos and articles all over the internet full of DIY projects and tips that make it seem so easy and simple. However taking on a project that you're not prepared and trained for could be extremely dangerous and can have disastrous consequences. Replacing your windows yourself, or having someone unqualified install them, could be putting your home and family at risk.

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How long do windows last?

Depending on the type of material used in your window fitting this could range from 20 years all the way up to 50. Generally if uPVC was installed prior to 2000 it should be replaced as soon as possible.

What is the average cost of replacing windows?

The average price of a window varies based on multiple factors such as: the dimensions of the window, type of window that is being installed and any installation issues that may crop up as while it may not always be obvious every house requires a slightly different solution.

How messy is window replacement?

When performed by a non-professional window replacement can be an incredibly messy job. However trained professionals will leave no mess in your house for you to tidy and worry about, it would be like they were never there!

Why replace the windows in your home?

Over time windows become less efficient at retaining the heat inside and preventing heat from getting into a home. In turn this increases the overall cost of heating your home, while increasing the cost inefficient or damaged windows can actually cause damage to your property, incurring an even larger cost.

When should windows be replaced?

Ideally windows should be replaced at the end of their life cycle which can vary depending on the type of window and fitting. However, problems such as condensation within glazing, rotting wood, hard to open and close windows, large drafts or a complete lack of double glazing.

Is it cheaper?

If you're thinking about installing your own windows to save yourself some money then it's important to know that it could actually end up costing you much more. Window fitters require specialist equipment and tools in order to complete the job to a high standard. These tools can quickly add up in cost, and without professional tools the job will most probably not be completed to a professional standard. There is also the cost of all the various components to consider, such as different glass types and window frames. At Safestyle we are able to offer our customers great deals by manufacturing our products ourselves in our multi million pound state of the art factory. By cutting out the middle man we're able to give the customer that saving directly. It could actually be more expensive to buy a single window frame on a one off basis, so you may not be actually getting the best deal.

The biggest cost that could come from trying to install your own windows is perhaps the price to repair any damage that has been caused. You will not have only spent money on wasted materials and equipment but will also have the additional cost of repair work plus the price of installing the new windows, this can add up to be quite a hefty bill. Window installation is a complex job that has to be completed in a very specific way. It takes skill and expertise to get windows to line up and seal correctly and if you're not trained to do so then the potential damage that can be caused will be a real nightmare. When doing a new project yourself it's very easy to get confused and buy the wrong materials that won't work properly. Window installers have specific knowledge in many areas and can often tell when a problem may arise. Without such experience it’s more likely that the window will not be installed correctly.

Many people are put off by the price of labour costs that come with a double glazing installation but you tend to get what you pay for. Hiring a professional for the job means that you are getting their years of experience, training and skill. Imagine going for an operation only to find out that the person performing it had no prior experience or training. Would you still let them go ahead? Most likely not and you should also take the same care and caution when it comes to your home. There are many complications that can happen with a window replacement so it is best to leave it to those who know what to do and how to handle it.

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Badly installed windows can cost more in energy bills

Not only could it end up costing you more to have to pay to fix shoddy workmanship but badly installed windows can end up costing you more in energy bill costs. Professionally installed windows help to save you money in energy bills, eliminate draughts and keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Even if you have new windows installed by someone who isn't qualified and they appear to look great and not have any problems, they are most probably not installed to the standard of a professional fitter. An amateur job could look how you would expect but still not be installed correctly, meaning that the money you're spending on heating your home is literally going straight out of the window. Badly installed windows allow heat to escape from your home and can also lead to further problems such as condensation damage. Click here to find out more about condensation and double glazing. Expertly installed windows have tight seals to prevent draughts and increase energy efficiency. Our windows are recommended by the Energy Savings Trust and are specifically designed to ensure maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss.

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How dangerous is it?

There is a reason that regulatory bodies such as the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and FENSA exist; installing double glazing is a complex and potentially dangerous job; there's not only the damage to your property to consider but also to your health. Many accidents can occur from replacing your own windows. There is the danger of breaking the glass and having it shatter which can cause serious physical harm. A major safety concern is people falling from ladders and high up ledges, when carrying heavy materials it's very easy to lose your balance and fall. Falling from a high up ladder can cause many life changing injuries, so it really is not worth the risk of trying to do it yourself.

There are many regulations and rules to follow to be a certified professional fitter and if they are not followed correctly it puts the individual fitting the window at a severe risk. We are a full and registered member of the GGF and FENSA and are committed to providing the highest quality, energy efficient windows and doors at a reasonable price point. That is why we are the UK's number 1 installer with over 20 years of experience.

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