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It's one of the worst things imaginable to think of someone breaking into your home and going through your belongings. In the UK alone there are over one million burglaries and attempted burglaries each year, meaning that home's all over the country are at risk of being targeted. It's believed that a burglary happens every 40 seconds in the UK so it's worth knowing how to protect your home against potential intruders. Read more surprising home burglary fact and statistics here.

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1. Be careful opening your door to strangers as you could be quite literally inviting a burglar in. It's common practice for burglars to knock on a properties front door to check if anyone is home, once they know that someone is in they will usually leave but there have been cases of intruders forcing their way in. Alarmingly 34% of burglars enter a victim's home though the front door, whether it be by knocking it down or walking straight in so It's best to have multiple locks on your door and a security chain to stay extra protected.

2. Installing a home security system really helps to scare burglars away and stop them from thinking about targeting a property. According to a recent report 60% of convicted burglars said that they were put off targeting a home that had some form of security system and having one influenced their decision to target another home instead. Install and alarm and make sure that you set it every day as burglars know the tell tale signs to work out if an alarm is being used.

3. Putting a security camera outside of your home is a great way to deter potential intruders in the first place but it also means that you'll have footage of the burglar should they attempt to target the property. Most burglars look out for an alarm before they attempt to break in, so having a working one that is clear from the outside will help to scare burglars away.

Security Camera

4. Install good outside lighting so that if anyone does decide to trespass on your property your family and neighbours are more likely to be aware of it. Burglars will target homes with little security and protection as they want be in and out quickly and make it as easy as possible for themselves without getting caught. Having a light outside that activates when it senses movement will draw attention to anyone that is trying to get into your home and make them think twice about targeting the property.

5. Don't keep any tools or equipment outside of your home as most burglars will improvise and use whatever they can find on a property to break into it. Modern burglars want to blend in and go unnoticed so they often will often dress in everyday clothing and not stand out. You want to make it difficult for them to conceal themselves when trying to break into your property so avoid having tall shrubs and trees around your windows that could hide a potential intruder.

6. Most burglars rely on a vehicle to get way so if you keep your car on the road or way from your home, it may be worth parking on the drive. Parking your car strategically so that there is little room for a burglar to get past will make their job much harder and they are less likely to be able to make a swift getaway. If a property looks as though it is difficult to gain access to burglars will most likely not attempt to target it.

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7. Make sure your windows are as safe possible because burglars will use them try and gain access into your home. Old and weak windows can be broken into quite easily so you want to make sure your house looks as secure as possible from the outside. Single glazing tends to not be as protective so, if you can, it is worth thinking about upgrading to double glazing which is much safer. Always lock your door even when you're in the house and make sure you don't leave windows open for long periods of time or when you're not home. It may sound obvious but a large number of burglaries occur from someone leaving a window or patio door open on long summer days. Large cat and dog doors can also give someone access to so it's best to secure them. Conduct a full security check on your home focusing on making sure all access points are fully secure.

8. Add multiple extra secure locks to your doors and windows to make it much more difficult for anyone to enter uninvited. Most burglars enter a home through the windows or doors so having visible locks on them will help to scare an intruder away. Burglars will know what locks are more secure than others and also how easy they are to get into so the more secure your locks are, the less likely it is that a burglar would choose to target the property. Our windows come built with a multi point locking system to give complete security to the whole window frame. If you can't upgrade your windows to more secure ones at the moment then try adding sash jammers to all your windows and doors for extra protection.

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9. Install timers on lights instead of leaving them on constantly when you are not going to be home. Many people tend to think that leaving a light on when they're out will help to deter burglars but it can actually work in the opposite way. If someone is keeping an eye out on the property and sees that a light is on constantly day and night it tells them that you're not home.

10. Look out for unusual markings outside your home. Burglars often eye up and watch a property before they decide to strike and leave markings outside to signal it as a target. The type of sign they leave can vary but it is often some sort of colour coded mark on walls, pavements, fences or gateposts outside of a home. If you notice any markings or unusual signs outside your home then contact your local police department to see if there has been any break ins in the area. Make sure your home is secure as possible and be extra vigilant.

11. If you have a lot of valuables and expensive items in your home then it is worth thinking about getting a personal safe. Following the security tips should help to protect your home against potential intruders but it means that at least if they do manage to break in your important items and documents will be safe.

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