Shocking facts and statistics about burglary

Even with burglary fears on the rise, households across the country are not giving enough attention to making sure their homes are protected against potential intruders. It helps to put yourself in the mind of a burglar when looking at how secure your home is. It's believed that a burglary is committed every 40 seconds in the UK, so by the time you've finished reading this 3 could have already taken place.

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1. Most burglaries happen in the daytime - When you think of a burglar you typically imagine someone sneaking around in the night unnoticed, but in actual fact most burglaries take place between 10.00AM and 3.00 PM so it helps to be cautious all day long. The majority of home burglaries tend to take place in the day because most people are out at work, reducing the chance of intruders being noticed. If you want to make sure your home is secure even when you're not in, click here to read our top home security tips of little things you can do to prevent a break in.

Burglar Breaking Into A House Door

2. Most burglars aren't after your household possessions - Long gone are the days when burglars want to steal household objects such as televisions and sound systems. While it's still sensible to lock away valuable items such as fine jewellery, the majority of intruders will actually be looking to steal car keys and even your personal identity data. With the price of television sets being relatively low it’s more beneficial for a burglar to take documents, laptops, passports and bank cards in order to sell your personal data from them.

3. Most burglars don't carry equipment - Burglars are professional opportunists with experience in breaking into homes, they know the exact signs to look out for when choosing a target. As burglars want to go unnoticed and make a swift getaway it's not practical for them to carry heavy tools and equipment to use when breaking in. They will most likely use items that can be easily found outside your home, such as gardening and maintenance tools. Make sure you lock away any tools and loose items that could be used to break into the home, also lock any garages or garden sheds.

Garden Shed With Tools

4. 47% of burglaries are 'spur of the moment' - Shockingly a recent report found that convicted burglars said almost half of all their crimes were committed without being planned before hand. That's why it's so important to make sure your home is as secure as possible from the outside so that if a potential intruder happens to walk past they won't see your property as an easy target.

5. The majority of burglaries are committed by someone living close to you - It's a scary thing to think about but the reality is that the typical burglar will usually live within 2 miles of the targeted home. It's great to have neighbours that you trust but try to be careful of those who can easily find out your daily schedule. To minimise your risk it helps to vary your routine as much as possible and not give out personal information such as any upcoming trips or holidays where your home will be left unoccupied. Click here to read more about protecting your home when going on holiday.


6. Most burglaries happen in minutes - Burglars do not want to be noticed by anyone so they tend to act very quickly and not waste any time. An intruder will specifically target homes that they deem to be easy to break into so they can be in and out in less than ten minutes. It helps to make sure your home is secure from the outside to deter potential burglars from even thinking about targeting it.

7. Someone is home in around 28% of burglaries - It's one of the most traumatic things to think about but someone is typically home in nearly 3 out of every 10 burglaries. Try and keep all windows and doors locked even when you're home to avoid anyone using them to gain access. It may also be helpful to keep your security system on when you're home alone.

Home During The Day

Only 14 arrests are made for every 100 burglaries - According to a report published by the BBC the police force in England only make 14 arrests for every 100 burglaries. The shocking statistics highlight how difficult it is to catch and convict intruders, as many burglars go unnoticed they can often get away with the crime.

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