Are PVC windows toxic?

In the context of how this question is asked the answer is a resounding “no”. Our double glazing window units are fabricated in our factory and arrive to your home in a safe state for fitting. Even the action of sunlight on the windows will not produce any unpleasant fumes within your home – which is reassuring news.

Also, the Argon gas that we inject between the two panes of glass is completely inert and harmless. Even if, under a bizarre circumstance, it were to escape from the expertly sealed unit it would simply rise up into the air and join up with the rest of the Argon gas which is naturally occurring and is the third most common gas in our atmosphere.

Obviously, if uPVC were burned then it would produce toxic fumes but then again so would your sofa and if it either were on fire you’d have bigger concerns than the environment. However, our products are recyclable and we always ensure we recycle people’s old windows for them in one of our national recycling centres. Last year alone we recycled more than 16,000 tons of materials.

What’s more, our double glazing products are more environmentally-friendly with:

  • Lead-Free profile made from Calcium organic formulation.
  • Low V.O.C. primer (water-based) used during the lamination process (Foiling).
  • Energy Saving features prevent heat loss, reducing CO2 emissions and Carbon Footprint.
  • Meets ‘Green’ accreditations BRE “A” Class status (Building Research Establishment).
APS Ethical Sales Business Accreditation 2021-23