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Are uPVC windows safe?

Safety is a natural concern for people especially if you have children or pets in the house. When it comes to safety standards we can only speak for our windows. We can’t comment on anyone else’s double glazing because we don’t know where they source their materials, who manufactures them and who fits them.

But to answer the question in respect of our double glazing then the answer is a definitive “YES!”. We have a list of British Standards awards as long as our arms (that’s Kitemarks, in case you were wondering).

In order to achieve a BS Kitmark you have to achieve a rigorous set of quality controls which are well known for being particularly safe here in the UK. We decided to call ourselves “SAFEstyle” because we manufacture safe and secure windows with a wonderful sense of style to suit any home.

Here is a list of some of our British Standards awards we are proud to have achieved.

  • Safestyle windows are also more environmentally-friendly:
  • Lead-Free profile made from Calcium organic formulation.
  • Low V.O.C. primer (water-based) used during the lamination process (Foiling).
  • Energy Saving features prevent heat loss, reducing CO2 emissions and Carbon Footprint.
  • Meets ‘Green’ accreditation's BRE “A” Class status (Building Research Establishment).
APS Ethical Sales Business Accreditation 2021-23