Can I Get A Grant To Replace My Windows?

Energy Efficient homes are a massive focal point for the government at the moment in response to their very ambitious carbon emission targets and also the recent, unpleasant fuel price rises that are likely to continue on their current trajectory.

As with anything the government does, they tend to think in decades rather than “this year, next year” etc. That’s why you will probably hear a lot of talk at the moment about the Green Deal.

Getting grants for vital home improvements is nothing new but what is likely to be changing are the criteria under which homeowners qualify for government payments.

Green Deal is still in its very early stages at the moment and many of the finer details are yet to be outlined before implementation and payments can begin.

The current talk is that a calculation will be made about your property and how energy efficient it is as the moment compared with how much energy can be saved by 2030 (the target date for those carbon emissions we mentioned further up).

You need to keep an eye on these things or better still, have a quick, no obligation chat with your friendly and knowledgeable Safestyle advisor.

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