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Can I Paint My uPVC Window Frames?

No. You must never paint uPVC double glazing window frames. The frames already come with the colour mixed in with the Polyvinyl Chloride (pvc) in the form of a compound called Titanium Dioxide... which is the pigment that gives it that crisp white colour.

If you are considering painting your upvc windows then there’s a good chance it is because those nice bright white frames have turned a dirty yellow in just a couple years. If this is the case it is because your double glazing company has used poor quality, cheap, upvc that did not contain enough pigment in and so the sun has weathered out the colour.

If you windows have turned yellow then this may be the least of your troubles. You need to call us in to conduct a health check of your windows to ensure that the glazing units have not begun to fail early (a common problem with cheap windows).

If you are considering painting them simply because you do not like the colour then you must not do this because there is no primer designed for upvc window frames. All you will succeed in doing is damaging your windows. 

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