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Does Double Glazing Improve Sell On Value Of My House?

Yes! Absolutley! Double glazing is an expected home improvement for anyone living in modern Britain and has been proven to reduce your heating bills – therefore it is a beneficial feature of the property.

Different types of double glazing will have different effects on the value of the property.

For example, category B rated double glazing tends to save the homeowner an average of about £165 a year off their heating bills. Category A rated windows (like our Eco Diamond range) will save even more and therefore should add even more value to your property.

The length of time left on the guarantee and whether the original company that fitted them is still trading can also be a factor as can the quality of the upvc glazing (cheap quality will not do you any favours whatsoever).

Another thing that can affect the value of your house is the style of windows selected. If they are well chosen and enhance the look and feel (especially if it is a period property) then it should have a positive effect on your asking price. However, if you’ve shown poor taste and your new double glazing looks a real dog’s dinner then you could put a potential buyer off... this wouldn’t happen with Safestyle because our double glazing advisors will help you choose the best and most complimentary windows for your home.