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How Do I Get Black Scuff Marks Off White uPVC Doors And Window Frames?

uPVC is a great material for modern double glazing but you need to treat this man made material with respect. You absolutely must NOT use harsh chemical cleaners:

  • Acid based cleaners. Many multi-surface cleaners use citric acid to cut through grease and therefore make domestic cleaning easier. You must NEVER use this stuff on your windows as acid melts plastic. OK, it isn’t going to melt your windows in such small quantities but it can damage the surface layer of the uPVC and therefore affect its ability to be weather proof.
  • Bleaches are as harsh as acids and should be avoid for similar reasons.
  • Alcohol based cleaners have a similar effect on plastics as acid. Therefore do not use glass cleaner on your window frames.

So, what does that leave? Good old mild soapy water, a soft cloth (DO NOT USE A SCOURER) and a bit of elbow grease should see you right.