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How Do I Stop My uPVC Windows From Buzzing Sounds When Its Windy?

You need to speak with your glazing company if your windows are buzzing but it helps to do a bit of research to assist the window engineers as there can be a few different reasons why the window is buzzing:

  • Does it only happen when the wind is blowing in a certain direction?
  • When it starts buzzing, hold a lighted candle (not too close) and move your hand around the inside of the window frame to check for the source of a draught (if any). Sometimes even a tiny, pinprick sized glitch in the frame seal can react with the wind to create a harmonic resonance that you will hear as buzzing. This is usually easily sealed on site without needing a new window.
  • Check the vets – on very rare occasions a bit of leaf can cause a buzzing noise.

If you’re not happy and your window is annoying you then you must let your window company know because buzzing can be a sign of an insecure seal which will affect the heat efficiency properties of your double glazing... and ultimately your heating bill. 

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