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How Do You Get Condensation Out Of A Double-Glazed Window Pane?

You have condensation in your window because the unit has failed and the double glazing is no longer working. Manufacturing double glazing is a complex and delicate procedure that requires the careful, managed injection of Argon gas into the sealed glazing unit.

It is this layer of Argon the produces the main heat efficiency properties and results in lower heating bills and a warmer house.

When the seal is damaged or broken the gas escapes and is replaced by air which is naturally damp and will condense on the inside of the pane (within the gap).

There are re-gassing companies out there but the procedure is flawed and expensive. What you need is a new double glazing unit.

If your windows are still within their guarantee period then your window company should replace them at no extra cost (providing the unit simply failed and was not damaged... otherwise you may need to speak with your insurance company).

Here at Safestyle we fit over 1,000 UK a week with replacement windows. Sometimes that is just a couple of windows and sometimes all of them.