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How Do You Remove Paint From uPVC?

We can’t stress strongly enough that paint should not be there in the first place. OK, we understand that the odd drop might land on your window frames and the important thing is to get it off quick, before it dries, using ONLY warm, mild, soapy water and a soft cloth (do not use a scourer).

If, however, the entire window frame has been painted then we are not going to lie to you – you are going to have problems. uPVC windows should never be painted. They are not designed to be painted and there is no primer available to allow this to be done without damaging the plastic. If your windows have already been painted then you must not attempt to remove the paint – you will only damage the plastic further.

There are various, interesting and exciting styles of upvc windows that you can opt for, such as wood effect upvc. If you have your heart set on a change then you need to do it properly and replace the windows. Painting them is a bad idea.