How Does Double Glazing Block Out Noise

If you’re looking for noise reducing windows you’re likely to have a particular issue in mind. It could be that you live close to a busy road or airport or you’re a shift worker who needs to sleep in the day. Our doubled glazed windows will significantly reduce the noise making its way into your home.

Double glazing is superb at reducing outside noise... other than bricking up the window, it is the best way to get yourself a better night’s sleep or to help you hear the telly over the outside traffic noise. It's an excellent way to reduce noise levels. In the process it has been shown to be an important means to reduce stress and so contribute to an altogether healthier home environment.

You need to be careful of any double glazing companies that tell you their windows are soundproof, they are not.

The reason that double glazing is so good at reducing noise is due to the nature of sound itself. The “speed of sound” is over 700 miles per hour and arrives in the form of a pressure wave. When it hits a single glazed window it will vibrate the pane which in turn vibrates the air on the other side of the window and passes the sound on to your ears without taking much wind out of its sails.

There is more to how this noise reduction works than just an extra layer of glass. Firstly,a perfectly fitted window will make sure there are no tiny gaps around your windows for noise to get through. With our double glazing range the sound either will hit a sealed frame that contains multiple chambers of different materials. Or our double glazing unit which is designed to disrupt sound wave vibrations passing through glass. In between the two panes of glass is a pocket of Argon gas which has different soundwave properties to standard atmospheric air. And because the two panes are not in direct contact the sound waves are dampened and the result is a quieter interior. So whilst our windows may not be soundproof they can certainly reduce the outside noise significantly.

How much difference will there be?

Our windows are shown to reduce sound by up to 31dB which is approximately the difference between normal speech and a quiet whisper.

Is triple worth the upgrade?

Triple glazing is something we don’t offer as standard at Safestyle as the additional benefits to domestic users are limited and they come at a significantly higher cost. Triple glazing and other specifically acoustic solutions are more often used commercial buildings such as airport lounges where greater noise reduction (up to 50 decibels) is a requirement. If you do have a requirement for triple glazing our Heritage range of windows offers this together with a 9 chamber profile frame for superior sound insulation for a domestic grade window. 

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