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How To Stop Condensation On The Inside Of Windows?

Typically, excess condensation on your windows is due to unusually large amounts of moisture in the air in your house. Often this is a result of things you are doing... but that is good news, because you can make some simple changes that should have a decent effect:

  1. Don’t dry your washing on the radiators.
  2. Makes sure your tumble dryer extractor pipe is pumping all that hot damp air outside rather than in.
  3. Don’t leave the bathroom door open when having a shower or bath... but DO leave the window open a touch just to help the extra damp make its way out. Also leave the door shut after you’ve finished because water vapour is invisible so, although all the steam may appear to have gone... it probably hasn’t. Make sure you use the extractor fan.
  4. The same is true of the kitchen – you’d be surprised how much extra water goes into the house when you boil a kettle or potatoes, pasta, rice and vegetables.... even your oven can create a lot of steam. Always use your extractor fans.
  5. Leave the bedroom door open a touch at night – you breathe out loads of moisture while asleep.

Try these changes and if you are still getting too much condensation speak with your Safestyle double glazing advisor to see if there is a problem with your glazing.