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Is Timber Frame Double Glazing Any Good?

Timber frame double glazing is an old fashioned building method that has had its day. It may have a warm place in our hearts but the reality is it takes a lot of looking after in order to maintain any sort of reliability.

The wood needs to be treated. It needs a coating, either paint or varnish and it really needs doing every single year. Wood expands and contracts considerably throughout big temperature differences and so when you think about the differences between our coldest winter day (perhaps as low as -6) and the hottest summer day (perhaps as high as 35) then you can understand why wood gets fatigued, splits and rots easily. It can also warp or buckle which can cause major problems opening or closing (they have a tendency to stick).

Wooden double glazing is also very expensive. If you have your heart set on wood then you should consider our wonderful UPVC wood effect windows which are available as Rosewood and Oak styles. They are also bespoke, made-to-measure just like wooden ones however, they are all manufactured to Safestyle’s exceptional standards and come with a ten year guarantee that requires you to do no looking after whatsoever other than an occasional wipe over with a cloth.