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What Are FENSA Regulations?

FENSA regulations are essentially building regulations. After all those are the standards that replacement windows and doors must adhere to because it all comes under the umbrella of home improvements.

FENSA is an acronym for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. Like many self regulating schemes in the UK it was set up at the behest of the government to ensure that projects such as double glazing could be expedited speedily (without having to go through long, protracted town planning departments’ reams and reams of paperwork and correspondence) whilst still ensuring a high quality level of installation and performance.

Naturally, when it comes to transparency and a desire to demonstrate that our products and services are genuinely of the highest possible standards. Safestyle were some of the first in the queue to be FENSA registered so you can enjoy our exceptional double glazing with all the peace of mind that comes with an ethical company boasting an extraordinary twenty year heritage