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What are French windows?

They were originally called porte-fenêtre by the French which, literally translated means, “Door Window”. French Windows are also sometimes known as French Casement windows. In actuality the name lends itself to a style rather than simply a function (a door). The opening style is hinged at the sides so that the window can be thrown open (like a door) and these types of windows usually are set in pairs to create an almost fairytale, “throw the windows open to the world” feel.

The frames are white and inset with small, portrait, rectangular panes of glass – at least that was the original way to make them in times long since past. These days very few people have French Windows and doors that are built in the traditional single glazing style as this is grossly inefficient when it comes to heating the house... they are also exceptionally expensive to manufacture wooden, single glazed French Windows.

The modern solution is double glazed French windows which give you all of the benefits of double glazing , including a much more affordable price, plus the classic “Semi-Georgian” look.