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What Is The Best Method For Cleaning Rubber On My Double Glazed Windows?

We are very glad you have asked this question because, although upvc windows can take pretty much everything the weather can throw at them, they still need a little bit of TLC if you’re to get the best out of them.

You need to remember that the plastics are specially man made materials and, as such, are fine being treated in a certain way but also will react very badly to some chemicals.

You must never use solvents on your windows. Alcohol based chemicals will dissolve the plastics which can damage the surface layer. A typical alcohol based cleaner that you will find in most homes is glass cleaner. Do not use this stuff on your double glazing but by all means clean your coffee table or a mirror with it.

Likewise, acids will also burn plastics, causing irreparable damage. Typical acid based cleaners you will find in the home are solutions that use citrus acids.

Bleach can also have as strong a caustic effect on plastics as so should also be avoided.

The only way you should ever clean your windows is with a soft cloth and some mild soap and water. That’s all you need.