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What Is The Window Energy Rating (WER)?

Just like your washing machine, fridge freezer or tumble dryer, your double glazing has a job to do when it comes to being energy efficient... especially now that the government has committed to some very challenging carbon emissions targets.

You will no doubt be used to seeing an energy rating on the items you purchase for your kitchen or laundry room and, although you may not understand all the little bits that go with it, the simple rating system of A, B, C etc is pretty easy to adapt to. Obviously an A Rated washing machine is going to be more energy efficient than a B Rated one.

Although most double glazing looks similar, like your washing machine, it has been extensively tested to measure how much heat is lost through it... and therefore how much heat it retains in your home.

This is your WER or “Window Energy Rating”. Safestyle’s Eco Diamond range is A Rated for energy efficiency, meaning it has achieved the highest possible rating available today.

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