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When Will I Receive My FENSA Certificate?

The Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme was introduced to allow high quality double glazing companies to install new windows and doors to exacting building regulation standards much faster than previously. In the past, waiting for the building inspector could be a time consuming and frustrating process. FENSA Certificates are often a requirement when you come to sell your property to prove that the windows where fitted within the legal requirements of UK law.

Because we are FENSA registered we have our own team of quality controllers who ensure that your windows have been fitted correctly to the requirements of your property type and construction method.

The FENSA certificate is issued upon satisfactory completion of the works and the typical turnaround time is between 6-8 weeks. We would advise waiting until 10 weeks has passed and if you still haven't received your FENSA certificate then you will need to call FENSA on 0207 6453 700 and they will look into this for you.