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Why Are uPVC Frames Better Than Aluminium Or Timber?

UPVC double glazing is the most modern form of double glazing fabrication in use today. Wooden double glazing is more expensive to manufacture and requires a lot more maintenance just to keep it in a reasonable condition. It also expands and contracts more with changes in temperature which can cause problems – especially if the wood has begun to get a little damp.

Aluminium double glazing is the original version of double glazing that people had fitted in the late 1960s and through the 70s and early 80s. It’s “ok” as a frame material but aluminium is a very good conductor of heat and so large amounts of heat can be lost through the frames – counteracting the benefits of the double glazing panes. It is also a commonly reported problem that aluminium double glazing frames can get a bit stiff and have a tendency to stick.

Modern upvc double glazing is the perfect material for the job. It is secure, hard wearing, inexpensive, looks exceptional and performs brilliantly under all conditions and Safestyle’s all come with a full ten year guarantee.