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Double glazing panel replacement?

If one particular part of a double glazing unit has failed, often an entire sealed unit must be replaced, although if the problem is with the locking mechanism then it needs to be checked first in case there is a quick, easy fix. Of course if you are fortunate enough to have bought your windows from Safestyle then get in touch right away as your windows may very well be within their 10 year guarantee period.

Double glazing is very different to traditional single glazed window units. If your old single glazed window was smashed you would call out a glazier to remove the old putty and glass and inset a new pane with new, fresh putty. This ancient method of repairing windows is massively outdated and no one in the modern word should be forced to live in housing with single glazing – it is cold, damp, draughty, and therefore can create discomfort. For the few people out there who live in listed buildings and can’t have standard modern double glazing ... you have our sympathies (though there might still be specialist alternative options available).

If a double glazing unit is broken then repairs are expensive, and can work out to a comparative same price as simply replacing the whole unit. This is because the glazing unit is factory sealed and designed to be a deterrent to burglars... so they don’t simply dismantle, they have to be “broken open”.

Don’t go through the pointless exercise of ringing round for expensive repair quotes, just get a great Safestyle replacement window deal and have yourself a brand new window fitted, complete with a 10 year guarantee.

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