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How long are double glazed windows guaranteed for?

This is an absolutely great question! As you would expect, window guarantees can vary from company to company.

At Safestyle we guarantee our windows for a full ten years of British weather battering. You may find that other companies only offer a five year guarantee and this will be because they are using lower quality materials in their manufacture. If you consider that you may need two sets of windows from a company like that over the course of a typical Safestyle guarantee then you can see that you are definitely not saving any money at all.

Some companies will offer a guarantee greater than 10 years for certain parts and components but here at Safestyle we like our customers to know where they stand with a solid 10 year guarantee. Safestyle have been around 20 years and we are currently the UK number one so you can rest assured that when we give a 10 year guarantee we are going to be around in 10 years’ time to honour it!

Remember, when choosing your new double glazing it’s an investment that doesn’t just alter the appearance of your home, but its structural integrity, security and energy efficiency. Our customers appreciate the reassurance of a long-standing company not only with expertise and good repute, but endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust, monitored by FENSA , GGF and TrustMark. Taking everything into consideration, our 10-year guarantee provides great peace of mind.