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Are all front doors the same size?

As a rule of thumb here in the UK we try to work to approximately the same size of door... the classic six foot six, which is also the cut off point between being of normal height or being classed as a giant.

Although modern building techniques are very precise indeed the reality is that a six foot six door in Chelmsford may not be precisely 6” 6’ in Bolton... there can be differences even on a newly built house.

At Safestyle we have been dealing with this reality for two decades now and many of our doors are manufactured to the precise standard size expected from a modern door. The minor differences are tackled during the fitting stage and involve changes to your frame.

Naturally, there will always be houses that require something a little different. For example an old cottage built 150 years ago may have a very low front door. For us this is not a problem, doors come in standard sizes as well as having a made to measure option for the more “quirky” properties. Simply discuss this with your double glazing advisor who will take you through all your options.

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