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Double glazing glass?

You can sit there and stare through it and never truly understand that what you are looking at represents one of the greatest technological achievements of the human race. Sounds ludicrous...? After all, it’s only glass isn’t it.

What you need to understand is that the glass you drink your beer out of, for example, is nothing like the glass in a double glazing unit. Likewise the glass in your green house or shed is radically different to the glass panes in double glazing . They may appear very similar but do not be fooled – this is very, very clever stuff indeed.

K Glass and other types of energy saving glass were invented and developed by the world’s most advanced glass manufacturer. They realised that to further improve the heat efficiency of double glazing they needed glass to become clever. So clever that it can let heat pass through it at different speeds depending on which way it is travelling.

Safestyle double glazing utilises two different types of glass which, when combined together in one sealed unit, provide amazing energy saving properties. Heat from the inside of your house is actually reflected back into the house by the inner pane of your double glazing (which has a slightly different recipe to the glass on the outer pane). The outer pane has the effect of massively reducing heat loss and the added benefit of actually letting more free heat (solar energy) into your house from the outside, eg, when the sun is shining on it.

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