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Double glazing windows UK?

There is certainly plenty of choice of double glazing companies to choose from in the UK which is probably down to the fact that it is so much in demand... always raining, always windy, always chilly.

But, as with any large industry, it is important that you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right double glazing company.

Safestyle have been fitting windows for over 20 years now and we have teams out across the country every single day fitting over 1,000 homes per week – that’s an awful lot of windows.

As a FENSA registered company it is our absolute priority to ensure that you receive the highest grade, energy efficient windows containing the best quality uPVC and carefully manufactured in one of our state of the art factories.

Our latest range of Eco Diamond windows uses Pilkington Optifloat™ and Pilkington K glass™ technology and is classed with an energy efficiency rating of A. So, rest assured your home will stay warmer.

Yes, we don’t just do double glazing windows. We also have a wide range of doors too. There are the usual doors you think of, in other words the front or back door which is available in the popular uPVC white. But we also have uPVC doors available in a couple of different and realistic wood-style effects (Rosewood and Oak). These doors are not made of wood but far better, they are high quality, hard wearing uPVC to give you the benefits of style, function, durability and low maintenance.

Our doors come in a variety of different styles such as stable style doors, full glass doors and half glass doors as well as delightful choice of period style doors.

But those aren’t the only double glazing doors we do. We also have sliding, French and Patio doors which are tough, durable and exquisitely beautiful, and Composite doors, which are made from a combination of several different state-of-the-art materials.