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French windows definition?

French windows are very popular in the UK and can be recognised by their classic white, latticed appearance which is almost identical to Georgian style windows. Typically the term “French Windows” is usually, slightly incorrectly used to describe French Doors which are the hinged double door equivalent of French Windows. In the original French language version they are referred to as porte-fenêtre which translates as “window door”.

Orginally, French windows and doors were constructed using the old, traditional methods of producing wooden frames to sit the many small glass panels in. As we moved into the late twentieth century the drawbacks of intricate and delicate woodwork exposed to the outside elements began to become apparent. They were difficult to maintain, draughty, cold, had a tendency to rot and warp easily and had appalling heat resistance qualities.

The double glazing industry was able to overcome these issues with the clever introduction of Astragal which is a series of cosmetic struts that sits within the Argon gas cavity . This technique enabled the production of lower cost French windows and doors with all of the benefits of modern energy efficient double glazing .