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How Can You Tell If The "Special Thermal Coating" Is On The Right Side Of Your Double Glazing?

What a great question. Some of you may not be aware that our Eco Diamond windows have a special coating on the inner pane that reflects heat back into your room. If you’re standing around, scrutinising your window with a magnifying glass trying to spot this coating you could be in for a very long wait – it is so thin that it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

As a Safestyle customer you cannot tell if the thermal coating is on the correct pane of glass – but we can. That’s because all of our windows are manufactured by us in our own factory and checked through the highest possible quality control standards. Nothing leaves the factory unless we are completely satisfied that it meets our level of perfection and the various different British Standards kitemarks we have achieved.

If your window had been manufactured incorrectly then it would not function properly which would result in reduced heat efficiency. With a company with a reputation such as ours we have to ensure that the windows are perfect each and every time.

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