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How Long Does It Now Take For An Average House To Recoup The Cost Of Double Glazing?

You are right to wonder how long it takes for your new double glazing to pay for itself. We can’t answer for all double glazing companies because the standard and quality of glazing varies so much. But we can speak for our own windows.

Our Eco Diamond range is recommended by The Energy Saving Trust because they acknowledge that these windows will actually lower your heating bills – that’s a good start.

You also need to take into account the cost of investing in our Eco Diamond range. You won’t find a better deal out there simply because we offer a like-for-like price promise. We can afford to offer you double glazing at this exceptional price because we manufacture all the windows ourselves in our state of the art factory.

The Energy Saving Trust states that the average house in Britain will save around £165 a year after fitting double glazing but, if you look closer at this fact you will note that it refers to category B glazing. Our Eco Diamond range is category A and therefore the savings are even greater. Not only this but with energy prices ever rising so are your potential savings too!

If you would like to know precisely how much your house will benefit financially from Safestyle windows then have a no obligation talk with one of our helpful double glazing advisors and we will do the sums for you. 

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