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How Long Should Double Glazing Last?

Reputable double glazing companies like Safestyle UK will guarantee their windows for the full ten years. That’s because we have confidence in both the quality of our manufacturing and also the quality of the materials we use.

When you think about it, ten years is a long time for a sealed double glazing unit to perform. It needs to maintain a perfect seal and keep in the all important factory injected Argon gas – this is what lives between the two panes of glass and provides much of that incredible heat efficiency.

A lower quality or less reputable company may only offer a five year guarantee and even this has risks e.g.

  1. They may close down and reopen on a regular basis to avoid having to honour their guarantee.
  2. They may have the windows manufactured by a third party so there’s no guarantee either party will accept responsibility.
  3. There may be nasty surprises waiting for you in the small print that mean you will never see the guarantee honoured.

The chances are that if your double glazing has turned yellow after only a couple of years then you had it fitted by a low quality company and there’s every chance that the units will fail within the guarantee period.

Never leave this sort of thing to chance. Safestyle have been fitting windows for over twenty years and we are here to stay. 

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