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How secure are patio doors?

It is very wise to want to better understand the security of a set of patio doors as, typically, they are sited at the rear of your home (away from the helpful eyes of your local neighbourhood watch... the perfect location for an opportunist burglar). However, with Safestyle, you’ll have to be one heck of a determined burglar and lucky enough to be surrounded by deaf neighbours to benefit from the classic “smash and grab” raid that most burglars opt for.

Because we manufacture our windows to be completely encased in uPVC, that also means the locking mechanism sits deep within the glazing unit. In order to access the locks you would need a crow bar, lots of time and a lot of luck. Burglars do what they do because they want an easy life, and with Safestyle that’s the last thing they’ll get.

Safestyle patio doors are compatible with modern alarm systems too so, if by any chance The Pink Panther was on the prowl, the second those doors are opened in an unauthorised way, the alarm should sound. For further security information, have a chat with your Safestyle Advisor.

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