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Is It Worth Getting A-Rated Windows?

When you consider the crippling costs of heating your homes these days then you need to be taking every possible action to ensure that as much of that heat remains in the house... rather than seeping out onto the street.

The Energy Saving Trust have calculated that even a B Rated set of double glazed windows will save the average British home around £163 on their annual heating bill.

Naturally A Rated windows will save even more dependent on the type, age and design of the property.

When you consider that Safestyle’s windows are guaranteed for a full ten years then the savings become rather significant, especially when you realise how affordable they are with our Buy One Get One Free offer.

Looking back over the weather changes we have endured over the last ten years – the coldest winters on records and fuel price rises that are off the scale, the case for fitting A Rated windows (all Safestyle’s windows are A Rated) is solid and logical because who knows where the next ten years will take us.