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uPVC windows and doors?

If you’ve ever wonder what is uPVC windows and doors then you are opening the lid on one of the most important areas of scientific environmental technology in the world today.

About four decades ago it was recognised that wooden doors and windows required far too much maintenance, had a tendency to rot and were extremely expensive to build as double glazing . The new building material of uPVC or unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride had recently been perfected as the ideal hard wearing window frame or door. It rapidly replaced the old aluminium double glazing frames because it was low cost and also sealed in all the locking mechanisms (making things harder for burglars).

These days those beautiful, clean white window frames and doors you see up and down the country are uPVC and have helped completely transform the standard of living here in the UK.

Because we are so confident of the performance of our uPVC windows and doors they all come with a reassuring 10 year warranty.

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